Claris-A Monaco Jeweller since 1964

Located in the heart of Monte Carlo, Claris-A has provided its customers with extraordinary value and guidance. It has earned its customers trust by providing an excellent quality for over the past 50 years. We consider all our visitors and customers our life-time VIPs. > More about us

Our creations

Our creations, as well as those we choose to promote, are either unique or produced in very few number. Noble materials and exceptional stones are astutely orchestrated by our expert technicians because all jewellery repertoires and skills may vary, but only extremely high standards remain. > See more

Our Gemstones

The creation of the most stunning pieces of jewellery begins with beautiful diamonds and gems and every stone tells its own unique story. With our strong background in gemology, we can help our customers select the finest gemstones to create their own exquisite jewels or advise them to make the best possible investment with their budget. > Learn more


Other than our own collections, we offer bespoke jewellery design, we can help create a piece that suits your dream. With Our close collaboration with the customers, we would best cater their needs and tailor-made the special jewellery that tells their unique story. > Find out more